Pattern Notebook

You will have 7 groups of pattern manipulations to complete during the semester.  On average, each submission contains about 15-20 manipulations (sometimes more, sometimes less).  Some of these will be executed in class, the rest will be homework.  All manipulations must be cleaned up and completed before submission.

In addition to the patterns, you must complete muslins (test garments) of 2 manipulations for each submission.  These manipulations are marked.

You will also submit the entire completed notebook the day of the final for one more grade.  All mistakes must be corrected at this time.

There are additional requirements for submission.  See Below.

These cannot be the same assignments that you turn in for other classes

Notebook Specifications
Notebook 1 Notebook 2
Notebook 3 Notebook 4
Notebook 5 Notebook 6
Notebook 7 Sample GRADE SHEET