Discussion Board Info


Almost every week we will have a chapter or article that you have read, answer questions on, and discuss.

  • The topic/reading for the week is posted on your syllabus and on the schedule
  • The discussion board is found on Blackboard under the menu item “Discussions”
  • A new Forum will be created for each reading
    • Questions, instructions specific to the reading will be posted in each Forum. Make sure to read and address these questions and instructions.
  • EXCEPT FOR THE VERY 1ST trial discussion, all other discussion will close at 11:59pm on the due date. Most of the discussions are due on Tuesdays, therefore they will close Tuesday night.

Required for posts:

  • You must answer questions posted and/or follow the directions posted for each forum
  • You must make explicit reference to the reading
  • You must include explicit reference to at least one other source (article, book, video, website) that enhances the discussion. Cite the references.
    • The sources and TYPE of source must vary from discussion to discussion. Meaning, you can’t always refer to videos or websites. I will be looking for variety as well as depth of research.
    • For example, if we were discussion Civil War uniforms, you might reference information from one of the Ken Burns Civil War documentaries or reference production techniques detailed in a dissertation on Civil War Uniforms. You can find all these things on our library’s website.
  • You must respond to someone else’s post and in turn, respond to other’s comments on your own post.  Meaning, you’re having discussions. Preferably meaningful, intelligent discussions.

Grading of posts:

Excellent 100-90%

  • The comment is accurate, original, relevant, teaches us something new, and is well written.
  • Answers the questions and follows the instructions, adds something new to the course, and stimulate additional thought about the issue under discussion.
  • Documentation for factual information is provided.
  • The subject field conveys the main point of the comment. The reader clearly understands the main point of the comment before reading it.
  • Responsive to classmates. Responds to others’ comments on your post and other classmates’ posts in a thoughtful way, contributes to the dialog.
  • Contributed on time.

Good 90-80%

  • The comment lacks at least one of the above qualities, but is above average in quality.
  • The comment makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the issue being discussed. 
  • Documentation for factual information is provided.
  • Meets all subject field requirements.
  • Responsive to classmates. Generally responsive to others comments on your post and other classmates’ posts.
  • Contributed on time.

Fair 80-70%

  • The comment lacks two or three of the required qualities.
  • Comments which are based upon personal opinion or personal experience often fall within this category if they are not supported with additional information from readings/videos and outside sources.
  • Only made a few response to others’ comments on your post and other classmates posts and/or responses do not contribute to dialog.

Poor 70% and lower

  • The comment presents little or no new information. However, one point comments may provide important social presence and contribute to a collegial atmosphere and/or 
  • The comment adds little or no value to the discussion and/or
  • Little or no response to others comments on your post and other classmates posts.