Dress Shape Project

This is a group project.

The purpose of this project is to create a presentation that will aid classmates in learning to identify the key features of dress in the assigned era.

The Research:

  1. Start with Lydia Edwards’ How to Read a Dress. Read the Preface and Introduction for the book. Then read the introduction to chapter for your era. Read the information for the individual garments listed for your era. Some eras may have overlapping entries (share a dress).
  2. Find good supplemental examples that support/demonstrate the details discussed in the book. Cite the sources at the end of your presentation.

The Presentation:

  1. Will be approximately 10 minutes long (8-12 minutes)
  2. Must be EASILY seen and understood by the entire class. Keep the size of the class and classroom set-up in mind when creating visuals.
  3. Everyone in the group must speak equally.
  4. Make sure any computer files can be easily accessed in 30 seconds or less. Have back-up plans for when things go wrong. Suggest that you come into the classroom early and test the files.
  5. Show examples of everything you discuss and be prepared to point out what you’re talking about.
  6. Include a bibliography
  7. Must be ready to present any time on assigned day, according to when instructor feels it best fits in the class. Any delays/lack of readiness will result in a deduction from grade.
  8. Submit presentation materials to instructor at end of class.

What to cover:

  1. What are the key features of women’s clothing in your assigned era?
    1. Silhouette/shape?
    2. Details?
    3. Fabrics?
    4. Anything else?
  2. What is similar to the previous era and what is different?

Grade Sheet for Project